Fort Wayne City Flag

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"I've seen firsthand what a good city flag can do. The marriage of good design and civic pride is something that we need in all places. The best part about municipal flags is that we own them. When they are done well, they are remixable, adaptable, and they are POWERFUL. A great city flag is something that represents a city to its people and it's people to the world at large. And when that flag is a beautiful thing, that connection is a beautiful thing." - Roman Mars

This is why we're here. We are on a mission to make our city flag - the three converging rivers, the fort in the middle, the bold red and blue colors - a symbol that everyone can rally behind.

We have updated our flag design to align with the official city code. While the words around the fort are "acceptable", they are not written in as a necessary part of the design but were added at a later date. The proportions of the symbols and lines match the code. The fort symbol in the middle has also been updated to reflect an earlier, more original, version. Our flags are more similar to the flags you can see hanging outside Citizens Square or the History Center. 

We carry 2x3 and 3x5 economical flags in our store with the hopes that price won't prevent someone from flying the Fort. Flags have two grommets for attaching to flagpole.

Our Raise a Flag campaign creates awareness and connection around our city flag. Learn more here