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Centlivre Wood Coasters

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Once upon a time, Fort Wayne was home to one of the largest breweries in the midwest. Founded in 1862 near current day Spy Run and State St, legend says you could call Cenlivre brewery (Phone 62) and they would deliver beer to your home. Although it closed in 1973, Centlivre's legacy lives on in Fort Wayne. Their flagship beer, Old Crown Ale, is currently being brewed by Summit City Brewerks, and a statue salvaged from the brewery of founder Charles Centlivre with his foot on a barrel of beer can be seen perched atop Don Hall's Gas House.

  • Qty 2 per order
  • Wood coasters with rounded edges and 4 rubber pads on underneath side
  • Engraved and coated with a waterproof finish
  • Made in Fort Wayne, IN