About Us

Head-wa-tersthe source of a river; the area in which it RISES. 

Headwaters Lifestyle Co: a local lifestyle brand founded in the heart of Fort Wayne. We aim to bring awareness to the Fort Wayne city flag, our initial inspiration for Headwaters, and turn it into an icon that is known, understood, displayed, and worn proudly by all Fort Wayne residents. With the flag as our inspiration, we create high-quality, locally inspired items that foster civic pride and contribute to Fort Wayne’s forward momentum.



After moving to Fort Wayne in 2016, I (Bethany) very quickly fell in love with the city. I wanted to purchase a Fort Wayne flag and shirt to showoff my new home but surprisingly could not find items specific to Fort Wayne. As I began looking around, I realized how few signs of Fort Wayne-specific pride were visible around the city, both on the business/government side as well as the resident side. Fort Wayne has too many positive things happening for there not to be more visible displays of pride - whether on a shirt, car, or hanging from a porch. Headwaters was created to help change that by being a catalyst and providing an outlet for civic pride.

Headwaters Lifestyle Co is not just an apparel company or souvenir shop. Many businesses, individuals, and groups are contributing in big ways to make Fort Wayne a better place to live, work, and play. Our goal is to create a line of products that puts a unified vision to the passion behind all of these group and individual efforts with the city flag as our emblem. A portion of our proceeds from select shirts are donated to local groups and neighborhoods to help fund projects to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and city. Wear your pride on your sleeve, raise a flag, and join us.

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